How To Wear Colorblocking In 2021

My first look is heavily influenced by Carmen, whose preferred styling method for two-piece suits is to wear a monochrome set with a contrasting shirt underneath. My version includes a green Zara suit, paired with a vintage Christie & Jill golden yellow button down shirt. I topped off the look with black Halston sandals and a Saint Laurent bag. While it was definitely more color than I wear in a single week, it was still inside my comfort zone, using a somewhat neutral green shade and black accessories to distract myself from the fact that my chest was shining brighter than Twilight’s Cullen family on a sunny day. For the second look, I went full in, wearing a bright pink blazer with electric blue high-waisted shorts. While there were no neutral shades to hide in, I still felt comfortable with the idea that the pieces were classic enough to handle that much color together. After all, my favorite colorblocking combinations always carry minimal silhouettes and simple textiles. Best to let the colors do the talking, I’ve found. 

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