R29 Editors Shattering Plus-Size Fashion “Rules”

It’s even wilder, still, to think that these exclusionary barriers continue to exist in the industry, with some retailers refusing to embrace size diversity or offer all styles in larger sizes in stores. When it comes to size inclusivity, there’s still a long way to go — but thankfully, more and more people are fighting against outdated norms and unapologetically reclaiming their personal style. In partnership with QVC, the retailer that has been empowering women by championing size inclusivity through on-trend offerings for the last 30 years, we tapped two Refinery29 editors — Nneka Ugochukwu and Chichi Offor — to share the items they thought they “couldn’t” wear, what it took for them to unlearn that thinking, and how they’re discovering their fashion preferences on their own terms. Read their stories below. 

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